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AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 511 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City, is proud to show in its JUNE 6-AUGUST 2, 2014 Exhibition leading Contemporary Master Artists whose work explores the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form.  This special “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” exhibition offers a magical tribute which will enchant the senses of both art acquisitiors and art aficionados alike with its incandescent renewal and hypnotic regeneration of the visual realm as these spellbinding masters define the cultural pulse of the modern art world. Illuminating with symphonic synchronicity, these talented artists translate abstract thoughts and familiar scenes into a unique perspective, orchestrated bya bravura of brushstrokes accompanied by kaleidoscopic hues. Pulsating with dynamic synergy and expressive artistic creativity, these artists render a visual lexicon of sophisticated, eclectic and often joyful representations of the world as they shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language, creating dazzling panoramas of visual delight that are infused with a divine creative spirit.

“REVERIES To The SUN & MOON”                                                JUNE 6 – AUGUST 2, 2014
Cezanne declared: “To paint is not to copy the object slavishly; it is to grasp a harmony among many relationships.” Valeriya Kravchuk’s paintings explore the shapes and forms of the world and offer a contemporary translation of the time-honored tradition of still life and landscape painting.  A cornucopia of mesmerizing details appear in her artistic visions of incandescent subjects that treasure our world and her delightful sensorial realm bountifully overflows with an exuberant sense of joie-de-vivre coupled with a charming quality.
Continuing the legacy of seventeenth century Dutch Masters, this contemporary master visually captures and relishes the simple pleasures of life.  Valeriya Kravchuk’s sumptuous aesthetic compositions convey the universal beauty associated with the simple pleasures of life.  Appealing to all five senses, she skillfully conveys the physical sensations and nostalgia associated with our daily routines.  Through dazzling composition and coloration, Ms. Kravchuk highlights the minimalist backgrounds with a strategic use of incandescent light. Taking center stage, the artist shines the spotlight on her subjects which become so tangibly real. Projecting an extraordinary presence, these lyrical paintings envelop the audience with their exquisitely rendered forms and ebullient spirit. Visual bouquets of love and life, Ms.Kravchuk’s resplendent still life paintings resonate with joie de vivre and are artistic metaphors to remind us of the blessings of the world and the bounty of the earth.Also renowned for her landscape paintings, Ms. Kravchuk’s transplendent re-interpretations of nature-inspired scenes from sensorial sunny realms transport the viewer to idyllic, iconic locations through her vivid color palette, tantalizing texture, and incandescent luminescence. Her sun-kissed landscape panoramas transport the viewer to an extraterrestrial universe of serenity and harmony as she expresses in her own individual artistic lexicon the beauty of the natural terrain.  
Ms. Kravchuk offers a modern perspective to an old world tradition of still life painting and landscape and places herself in the pantheon of artists who have achieved great success in these special genres. Award-winning painter ValeriyaKravchuk has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted her into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. This Russia-based artist has enjoyed numerous highly acclaimed exhibitions throughout Europe and the U.S., and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across the world is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation.

CELESTIAL CELEBRATIONS is a compelling non-objective exhibition that magically unites an invigorated modern abstract global vision from international artists hailing from the U.S., Argentina, Italy and Switzerland. Through innovative visual metaphors, expressive brushstrokes, energizing color planes and captivating compositional harmony, these gifted artists inventively display their ability to translate the power of dreams and the human imagination onto the canvas with carefully balanced shapes and colors.  DIANE HOLLAND’s abstract canvases implement dynamic conversations through opulently layered expressive strokes in vibrantly colored hues, creating spatial existences that are not composed through geometric forms but through the energetic ease of passionate coloration.  ALICIA IMAS's huetopic compositions reverberate with emotion as she passionately translates the atmosphere of light, the plasticity of volume, and the intensity of color into the vortex of the canvas where her visceral sensations morph into dazzling compositions. MICHELA MECACCI's opulent canvases are non-objective explorations of voluminous gem-colored forms that synthesize into dazzling abstract compositions which translate into visual lexicons revealing the wondrous complexities of human emotion, as they burst with a multisensory nature,. HUBERT SCHWAGER highlights the importance of movement and is motivated by the adaptability of structural elements as he dissects the cultural hierarchies of medium through a conceptual study of the world while exploring the complexity of textures through both paint and sculpture. 

REVERIES To The SUN & The MOON is a prismatic portal to nature which showcases three unique masters from the U.S. and Russia whose individualistic lexicon of illuminated hues and masterful brushstrokes culminate in visually rich and carefully orchestrated contemporary expressionistic reinterpretations of classically inspired perceptions of nature. Singing with radiant light and reverberating with luscious color, these enchanted still life. Floral and landscape works luminously echo the timelessness and beauty of our world. Demonstrating an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and spirit of the natural world with gorgeous depictions of pastoral vistas, these lush compositions transport the viewer to idyllic locations through vivid color palettes and tantalizing textures. ANN GORES's masterful colorist's vision reverberates with an enchanted palette, offering an eternal rendezvous with the natural kingdom as she luxuriously connects with nature and is influenced by her love affair with the floral realm as she seeks to capture its beauty and mystery. VALERIYA KRAVCHUK’s masterful still life and landscape paintings offer a contemporary translation of the time-honored tradition and exude a cornucopia of mesmerizing details of incandescent subjects that treasure our world and bountifully overflow with an exuberant sense of joie-de-vivre. DOROTHY SLIKKER luxuriously captures the magic of the interior natural environment with luminescent still life paintings that hypnotically sing with beauty and encapsulate the nostalgic, special moment of life, exuding a mystical power that resonates with the harmony of nature.

SOUL-stice DREAMS exhibits artists from Korea, the U.S. and Haiti whose paintings celebrate the divine beauty of nature’s glorious bounties. These artists transport viewers to a celestial fantasy world of the eye which reverberates with effervescent, provocative rendering. Each of these masterful artists express the magnificence of nature with luminescent visual stimulation as they shine the spotlight on the splendors of the sensorial realm and take us on a visual odyssey through our environment, inspiring poetic messages of serenity within our world.  JI WON CHA paints visceral transformative organic compositions, transcending the requirements of everyday reality to create a world characterized by a poetic economy of expression that can be alternately transporting and meditative, featuring boldly painted geometric forms. ADRIENNE KYROS translates the juvenescence and glory of nature in her illuminated majestic floral and landscape watercolor and oil compositions which create a spectral paradise on earth through the transcendence of color, and become metaphors for the bounty of the terrestrial kingdom.

CHRISTINA CLODOMIR-MAKEDA draws inspiration from the visual intensity of her native Haiti, rendering the transcendental colors of her home country as she paints large scale, brightly hued- abstracted flower paintings which buzz with the vibrancy of life.

SPECTRAL ENCHANTMENTS features four contemporary masters hailing from the U.S. and Argentina who encourage us to appreciate the wonders of the world with an alluring synthesis of modernity as they whisk the audience on a magic odyssey to exotic realms of the imagination. Through their innovative tableaux, each artist highlights with magnificent color and precise form dazzling sensorial perspectives as they masterfully metamorphosize the vibrancy of the universe. PETER ALLEN’s mixed media paintings and drawings are replete with dualistic imagery appropriated from the everyday world, and are fully imbued with imaginative surreal figures that contemplate the heart, mind and soul of contemporary society.  DEBRA BRANITZ's luminous canvases sing with electric hues, vigorous line, and dynamic motion as her exciting huetopian oeuvre constructs a dramatic color-wheel lexicon reflecting a deep personal vision that showcases a close-up perspective on the figure or the object.  JACK JASPER infuses in his meditative reveries a fantastical artistic vision by presenting graceful, dream-like semi-abstract figures in his gem-colored, dreamscape that are at once inspirational and revelatory as they articulate intangible sentiments and psychological themes that often only appear in dreams.  SEBASTIAN CRISTIAN MATTHEUS's resonation of visceral colors echo throughout the canvas as he invites us on a visual odyssey where he transcends boundaries and fuses a dazzling cultural aesthetic rich in tradition and history which contributes to the emotional power of his compositions. 

COLLECTORS’ CHOICE explores the Mother-Daughter relationship between KAREN CEOLLA TYLEC & LAURIE TYLEC who capture the essence of nature in their cerebral paintings that pay tribute to the majesty of the terrestrial kingdom. Celebrating the immortal bonds between mother and daughter in their nature inspired dreamscapes, their "Collectors' Choice" exhibition honors their universal language allowing viewers to emotionally engage in each artist’s colorfully detailed nature executions.

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